TJD XGen ATV Tracks

TJD XGen ATV Tracks
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The TJD XGen track system for ATV is equipped with a suspension system that help reduce vibrations and absorb impact. The patented STS-4 suspension is unique on the market. Provide great handling and a smooth riding experience.

Drives smoothly as if on tires
Made for deep snow, mud, sand and hard terrain
Designed for all ATV/UTV
Increase ground clearance of 5''
Highly resistant and lightweight
Possibility to studs tracks for ice
Quick and easy installation

Resistant UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and aluminum structure
Triple-bearing hermetically sealed hub
Oversized wheels for a smooth ride
PPD Wheels equipped with sealed bearings
Automatic spring tensioner
Available with rear track of 98" or 116"
Available with sprockets of 13.5" or 14.5"


Triple-bearing hermetically sealed hub

Unlike other manufacturers of track system, our hub can be reconditioned by simply replacing the hub bearings. You will not need to replace the whole frame in case of failure of this piece. This principle is more convenient and much cheaper for maintenance.

UHMW wheels with double-sealed bearings
Our track systems are equipped with UHMW plastic PPD wheels with rubber contour. This principle allows a softer, quieter ride and eliminates ice build-up on wheels. The icing is a major problem on most system available on the market. It causes important vibrations and premature wear of the track.
The front and rear wheels are oversized to reduce ride resistance. The wheels are equipped with double-sealed bearings for more durability and a cheaper maintenance cost.

STS 4 Suspension System
The XGEN system is the only one on the market with a suspension system. It significantly reduces the vibrations and drive smoothly as if on tires. Some vehicles cross the 100km/h with our tracks.

Sturdiest Fixation System
Our fixation plates are build from 1/4" steel and are covered with a resistant powder coat paint. They attach to the lower suspension table on the front and to the frame on the back. The rear stabilizer bars are made from 1" diameter steel. No system can brag to offer a fixation system as strong and durable.

Our tracks are universal and can fit about any vehicle on the market. We designed special adapters for most brands. Each brand new system we sell includes a set of adapters. However, if you plan to transfer your atv track system on a new vehicle, expect to pay from 300$ to 900$ for a new set of TJD adapters and more than 1100$ for a set of adapters for Tatoo or Commander tracks.

Available for the following brands
Artic Cat
BRP - Can-Am
CF Moto
Club Cadet
John Deere
New Holland

Established in 1998, Fabrications TJD Inc has built a solid reputation around durable ATV/UTV and OEM products of consistently high quality.

As a world leader in the manufacturing of ATV and UTV tracks, Fabrications TJD Inc innovated by introducing the "TRUE" 4 season track system. The unique XGEN STS-4 patented suspension system has revolutionized the ATV/UTV track market by providing a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.

Fabrications TJD takes pride in its impeccable customer service and continues to provide customers with the highest quality service and support. The evolution of the first generation TJD tracks through the years has resulted in track systems that adapt to any recent vehicles.

Equipped with the latest digital technology, Fabrication TJD Inc manufactures a number of OEM products and accessories for many large multi-national companies.

Les Fabrications TJD Inc, a symbol of innovation and know-how.
XTrack or Xgen?

The XTrack system has a steel tubular frame while the XGen has a suspension frame in plastic and aluminum. The XTrack is slightly more robust while the XGen is lighter and more comfortable. The XTrack has 6" wheels and the XGen has 9" and 11" at the end. The Xgen has more free-wheeling.

In conclusion, 95% of our customers would be better served with a XGen. However some very demanding users will prefer the tankiness of the XTrack. If you use your vehicle for leisure and for work, you will enjoy the smooth ride and the top speed of the XGen without real compromise for durability.

98" or 116"?

All our systems are available with 98"x12.5" or 116"x15" rear tracks. The short tracks are light and provide a great handling. They are great for the majority of ATV. The long tracks are better for off-roading in deep snow and hill-climbing.

14.5" or 13.5"?

The 14.5" sprockets are standard on all our models. They present an excellent compromise between couple and top speed. The 13.5" sprockets are only recommended for work vehicle of 300cc or less.

TJD XGen ATV Tracks